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What is the difference between Videosat and Campersat?

Videosat Pty Ltd has been supplying Australian Free to Air Satellite TV to remote areas of Australia as well as to poor reception viewers since the first launch of Aussat in 1985. General Manager of Videosat, Wally Shand, has been aware of the need for a suitable solution to the problem of variable and unreliable TV and radio reception for Australia's Wandering Travellers. In 2001 Videosat developed and introduced its Campersat range of products to Australia's growing Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. In 2002 Campersat was awarded "Most Innovative Product of the Year" by the Caravan and Camping Industry Association (CCIA). The CCIA Industry awards are designed to encourage excellence within the industry; an independent panel judges the entrants.
What TV channels are available with the Campersat system?
The Australian Free to Air Satellite TV and Radio broadcast brings superb digital quality ABC and SBS Television and Radio in all states plus Commercial TV programming from the 7, 9 and 10 networks via their regional affiliates. All sound is in superb digital quality. When listening to these services directly by satellite, you'll realise the full benefits of digital reception. No more ghosting interference and putting up with poor reception. Click here to down load our separate Information Bulletin m597 titled "Services Available" (65KB PDF file). This document lists all TV and Radio services available.

I am about to order my Caravan/ Motor home. Can I have a Campersat system installed before I take delivery?
Yes. The Campersat Premium satellite system is available through all leading Caravan and Motor home manufacturers, they will arrange for installation whilst your vehicle is on the production line. Information Bulletins are available outlining system components and installation considerations, ask our staff for detailed information today.

Where can I see a Campersat system on display?
Visit our friendly staff at our showroom during office hours in Sydney at 2/28 Salisbury Rd, Asquith, conveniently located near Sydney's F3 freeway on the northern outskirts of the city. The Campersat system is also on display at all the major Caravan and Camping shows.

Can installation of the Campersat Premium be arranged?

Our system prices are based on supply only and include dish and mounting equipment, interior elevation display, Optus approved digital satellite receiver, satellite cable, new digital test meter, dual polarity LNB, and broadcast network smart card. We are happy to recommend installers to meet your needs.

Does the picture quality vary across the country?
The Australian Free to Air satellite broadcast is available in superb digital quality right across Australia. Travellers should be aware of reduced signal strength in the far north and south west of the country under heavy rain or dense overcast conditions. Picture quality will remain perfect until there is insufficient signal to operate the receiver.

Does the Campersat system replace my existing aerial?
Many viewers choose to keep their existing terrestrial aerial for local broadcasts, however, once you've been spoilt with the quality of the digital Satellite broadcasts you may rarely use your terrestrial aerial.

How much power does the Satellite receiver draw?
30 watts at 240 volts. Modern invertors are very efficient so power consumption at 12 volts should be no more than 35 watts including inverter losses.

See product information bulletins for more details on power consumption.

Visit our friendly staff at our showroom during office hours in Sydney. 2/28 Salisbury Rd Asquith, conveniently located not far from Sydney's F3 freeway on the northern outskirts of the Sydney. The Campersat system is also on display at all the major Caravan and Camping shows. See our Shows page.

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