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Part No. 3UEC-VAST4121RV

  • Full Digital Aust Service + HD
  • 240V AC low power with remote
  • Must Register as Fixed or Traveller
This RV model replaces earlier 240V. Receiver is 12V with regulated power pack from 240V. Can use from vehicle 12V. see also Twin tuner model See -Travel pack and Home Pack for Registration and Test prior to shipment

New Free To Air VAST Service Now Operational!
All Existing Remote Area viewers who currently watch Southern Cross and Imparja via satellite will be able to convert to this new service later in the year.

Order now to avoid dissapointment!

 Planning and rolling out new digital services to our Satellite remote area customers

There is now a timetable and structure to bring these new services to Satellite viewers.

This means all Australians will have access to the same programming and quality as the city based digital services available today.

In Essence:

This is a significant breakthrough in the provision of digital TV services to all Australians, particularly for those in remote and regional areas who for many years have had to put up with less choice than people in the cities.

  • The new service will provide digital TV services to viewers in eastern Australia who cannot receive terrestrial digital TV.

The agreement

  • is between the Australian Government and broadcasters Southern Cross Media and Imparja to establish a joint venture company, Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST).
  • ensures access to free-to-air television for viewers in the Remote Central and Eastern Australia licence area.
  • It includes those in regional and metropolitan areas who are unable to receive their local TV services terrestrially will also be able to access the new service.
  • The new VAST service will for the first time make available to all parts of Australia the same number of channels as are available in the capital cities.
  • This includes programming in standard definition from the Seven, Nine and Ten networks and their new digital channels GO!, 7TWO and ONEHD, as well as all of the ABC and SBS channels, including ABC2, ABC3 and SBS TWO. The VAST service will also provide high definition channels.

The service will be broken into 3 areas

  • Northern service will operate in northern time zone, providing standard definition services for viewers in Queensland and the Northern Territory based on Brisbane time.
  • Southern Service will operate in Southern time Zone providing standard definition services for viewers in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania based on Sydney time.
  • The high definition services will be provided in a combined zone, covering both the northern and southern zones.
  • A satellite service for Western Australian viewers, using the same Optus platform, is currently under negotiation with the remote area commercial TV licensees in Western Australia (Prime and WIN Television).
  • Viewers of the satellite service will be able to watch their local news services through a dedicated news channel.
  • State-based ABC and SBS news services would also be available on their respective channels.

Time scale

The availability of the new satellite services are linked to the timetable of analogue switch off. with the Next region being rural SA.

All Existing Remote Area viewers who currently watch Southern Cross and Imparja via satellite will be able to convert to this new service later in the year.

Households in the Mildura/Sunraysia region already using the existing Aurora satellite service have already converted to the new service using their existing dish.  Videosat has already delivered to this market.

To assist the VAST planning, we will prioritise any new orders from this region.

All new satellite set-top boxes on delivery will be already configured to receive the ABC and SBS services including the ABC2 and ABC 3 etc and High definition ABC and SBS services.

To access the VAST service, viewers will need to purchase a new satellite set top box with an access ‘smart card’, a satellite dish and cabling.

Existing Aurora customers will only need to purchase a set top box and card at RRP of $269.00 inc GST plus a short cable or power divider ..Provided their existing satellite equipment is functioning correctly.

Videosat and Campersat have teamed with Altec UEC as the initial supplier of satellite set top boxes with product already delivered

Pre orders are being taken now at Videosat , email:

Please downloade 6 page PDF below for more detailed information

We are taking the opportunity with our 25 years in business to take a firm step in giving back to the community. In this we have joined up with Buy One -Give One. ( to make an automatic difference for every product purchased.

As all our customers are using our products to watch more Television at higher quality we pose the question "what about those who cannot see!!! "

In this program through B1G1 and the Australian based John Fawcett foundation, we have elected to automatically provide one pair of glasses for each and every selected product purchased to now allow a person or child to see properly.

We will acknowledge this with a certificate.

By ordering you have automatically given corrected sight to a needy Support is doubly appreciated.

At Videosat we passionately  believe every business can make a difference through integrating small giving into everyday business activities

This program is automatically tied to our customer’s purchase .

In this program :

Our mission is to restore vision.
Our vision is to restore dignity.
Our method is to create miracles.

Wally Shand
CEO Videosat Pty Ltd
Videosat and Campersat Divisions
2/28 Salisbury Road
Hornsby NSW 2077

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