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Taking the first step is easy - Contact our friendly team in Australia on:

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Videosat Supporting Our Community

We have taken the opportunity with elevator shoes for men our 25 years in business to take a firm step in giving back to the community.  


As all our customers are using our products to watch television at a higher quality, we pose the question, "what about those who cannot see!?!"

As such, we have joined up with Buy One - Give One (B1G1).  Through the B1G1 program and the Australian-based John Fawcett foundation, we have elected to automatically provide 1 pair of glasses for every VAST receiver purchased to assist people within our community to see properly.

We will acknowledge this with a certificate.

By purchasing from us, you have automatically helped correct the sight of a needy person. Your support is doubly appreciated.

Local Arts

We give surplus parts to a local artist, Michael Seargent, to use to create the most amazing sculptures. Environmentally friendly and stunning!


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